When to book your GMAT slot

What is the right time to book your GMAT slot?

At the very start of your prep? At the end of your prep? Somewhere else?

I have created this graphic to try to explain the pro’s and con’s of the 3 scenarios.

Right time to book your GMAT slot



At the start of your prep:

Pro: You’d not succumb as much to procrastination as you’d already have a target date to work with.

Con: You wouldn’t know whether the allotted time is enough/ too little/ too much. Neither of the latter 2 cases is desirable.


At the end of your prep:

Pro: You would have given yourself enough time to prepare

Con: You might never feel completely ready and thus keep delaying booking to the next day over and over again.

Con: You desired slot might already be full. And you do not want to wait too long after you’re done preparing. Because then you might actually be coming down from your peak.



Two-third through your prep:

Pro: You’d be able to make a much better estimate of when you think you’d be prepared

Pro: You could then put your prep into top gear for the last stretch.

Pro: With a target date set, you could work with revived focus towards your goal.


So, this is when I suggest you make the booking for your GMAT.


You may also want to go through how to decide when to take the GMAT.

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