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Promise: Take the GMAT like a boss!

I’m sure you’d be aware, as far as the syllabus is concerned, GMAT has subject matter that we had all covered by class 8th.

Yet, why is it that so many test takers find GMAT difficult?

Because the objective of GMAT is not simply to answer questions. The objective is to answer questions in a time-bound fashion while using all available resources to maximise your score.

Remember, GMAT is not a Maths and English test. If the admission committees wanted to know your expertise in Maths and English, they would simply look at your high school and bachelors’ mark sheets and be done. GMAT uses Maths and English as means to test your ability to do well in a B-school and beyond.

These tests require test taking skills along with subject matter knowledge:

It is not only about accuracy. It is about accuracy with speed

I’m sure if you had unlimited time, you would be able to answer most of the questions on these tests. However, the trouble comes when you’re asked to solve those questions under a stringent time limit. This forces you to think of different ways to solve a question and figure out the best way in the least time.

This is what we help you achieve at Test Cafe.

I use a phrase “all available resources” above. This includes the answer choices. The questions do not exist in isolation. The questions and the options together form the complete question. The answer choices are designed with purpose and are not random. A smart test taker will benefit from the answer choices, and will get more answers correct in lesser time using them. Afterall, that is more representative of the real world:

  • You're given a problem
  • Your objective is to find the solution
  • The "how" is left up to you
  • The onus is then on you to find the solution using the best way that
    * takes the least time
    * gives the solution with absolute certainty
    * uses your existing knowledge in the most practical manner
  1. You prepare the concepts and test taking aspects of GMAT
  2. Practice questions using your learnings
  3. Test Cafe portal analyses your performance and creates a snapshot
  4. Using the snapshot you work on actionable recommendations

This process ensures you experience continuous improvement.


Each quiz is followed by in-depth analysis of your speed, accuracy, concentration levels, guess work, and time management. This analysis will help you pinpoint aspects you need to work on.


This feature will become more and more useful with your progress.

  • You could work on easy, CR – assumption questions that you got wrong
  • You could specifically choose questions that you have not attempted yet


A proprietary tool, snapshot will give you a cumulative analysis of your GMAT performance till date. Moreover, the snapshot will help you figure out what steps you need to take in specific modules to improve.


Our course will prepare you not only in the subject matter (algebra, geometry, arithmetic, critical reasoning, sentence correction, reading comprehension) but also in test taking:

  • Improve speed
  • Increase accuracy
  • Curb silly mistakes
  • Track concentration
  • Build stamina to perform at your peak throughout the ~4 hours
  • Monitor guess work

Simply speaking, this course will help you MASTER GMAT!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in!

If you’d be interested in private GMAT tutoring, visit our GMAT 1-on-1 page.


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