How to use Test Cafe for your guess work

Like I mentioned in the main lesson page, the first and most important step to removing guess work is to tracking your guesses.

As long as you are conscious of the questions you are answering with less than 100% percent certainty, you are moving in the right direction.

At Test Cafe, we ask that you use the small “Mark as guess” check box at the bottom of each question to track your guess work while attempting questions. Trying to recall the questions you guessed on after finishing the test might already be a stage too late.

Mark as guess feature screenshot

Mark your guess work as and when you attempt questions for better analysis

Answers you got correct while not being 100% sure would be guesses

Answers you got wrong despite being 100% sure would not be guesses.

Answering incorrectly with 100% confidence would kind of be like a blindside on Survivor. The awareness you have of your capabilities while answering questions is critical. This awareness coupled with our engine would help you track your guess work, and then slowly reduce it.

Once you have answered questions as guesses, our analysis of your tests would deep-dive into your guesses to show your accuracy specifically on those questions, and the percentage of questions you guessed on, among other attributes.

guesses tab


Also, on top of this, the snapshot tool that you can access in your dashboard or the course home page, uses guesswork in its algorithms to evaluate your Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

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