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  1. Mark as guess

As a learning tool, ‘Mark as Guess’ would go a long way in your GMAT prep.


While practicing a set of questions, students come across various types of questions:

  • those that they answer with absolute confidence,
  • those that they answer with less than 100% certainty,
  • and those that they answer with low (or no) confidence.

On the other hand, we have seen that while analyzing results, students often focus on only those questions that they got wrong. In doing so, they ignore questions that they got correct but had answered with less than 100% certainty or with low confidence (last 2 categories above).

This is where ‘Mark as Guess’ comes in handy.

In our portal, you’d have an option to mark as guess every question that you wish to while attempting the test itself. So, you’re not relying on your memory later on to recall which ones you actually guessed on.

You may wonder that on a test like GMAT, where you do not have an option to skip and will be forced to guess if you are unsure on an answer, how would this feature help. Fair point.

Keep in mind though, what we are trying to achieve here is more than how you guess on the G-day. Our attempt is to try and help you realize when all you guess, so you can try to improve in those aspects and remove guess work. I talk about this in more detail in this article: How to remove guess work.

So, this does not end there. After tracking your guess work while you attempt questions, you can see our analysis on that guess work. Moreover, our snapshot tool uses your guess work to understand where each module would lie.

2. Bookmark questions

  • Finding a question difficult?
  • Would you love to come back to the question later?
  • Tag a question to attempt again in the future?

You have an option to bookmark questions while attempting.

You can revisit those questions by selecting the ‘bookmark’ option while creating your own custom quizzes.

3. In-depth analysis

At the end of each quiz you take, you’d get analysis that would focus on each and every aspect of GMAT. The regulars such as: Difficulty, modules, pacing
and the not-so-regulars:

  • Concentration – GMAT is a long test. It is difficult to main peak performance levels throughout the 3.5 hours. You need to work towards it. This tab will help gauge that (beta version)
  • Guesses
  • Time management – a molecular level look at each question.

This would paint a complete picture of how you did in that quiz. And what areas you need to work on.

4. Dashboard

Your prep happens in a continuous fashion. Yet, till today analysis has always been test-to-test. Not anymore.

Presenting a cumulative dashboard that will paint you a picture of where you stand today. This will take into account all your practice till date.

Snapshot tool – We are extremely proud this :). In one snapshot, you’d get an idea of where you stand in each module.

Accuracy does not mean much unless clubbed with difficulty. A 50% accuracy on easy questions v/s 50% accuracy on difficult questions paint a very different picture. Our dashboard takes this into account too.

Look at each module at a micro level, and then complete sections at a macro level to get complete understanding.

This dashboard can be accessed in your course home page, and through your dashboard (top link in the left side menu)

5. Create your own quizzes

At every stage you’d have an opportunity to create your own quizzes.

  • Finished with a topic? Head over and create your quiz with easy questions from that topic.
  • You’d like to review questions you got wrong in the past from a particular module? No problemo.
  • The snapshot tool tells you to ignore time limit, and try to get questions correct in short quizzes (10 questions at a time) – yes sir!

You can create your own quizzes by simply following the hand-picker icon in the left side menu. Go ahead, take it a spin.

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