How to prepare for GMAT

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Stage 1

1. Pre-prep: Review the very basics

If you have been out of touch of basic maths and English for quite a while, take some time (a couple of hours) to revise the very basics. You could skip this step if you are pursuing an education that involves maths and English.


2. Establish baseline

If you’d like to know how far you have come, you’d need to know your starting point. It is essential that you establish a baseline score at the start of your test. This baseline will help you gauge your level of improvement as you progress with your GMAT prep.

How to establish baseline: Take 1 free practice test from the GMATPrep software – created by the same people who handle the GMAT. The free software uses the same technology as the actual exam, and therefore provides a true representation of where you stand with respect to your target score.


Stage 2:

3. Conceptual and test taking prep

Work on:

  • concepts: Geometry, arithmetic, grammar, reading comprehension, etc.
  • test taking aspects: speed, accuracy, silly mistakes, stamina, etc.


Basically, go through the entire course lesson by lesson. The course itself will help you build concepts and master test taking skills.


Things you should have thought of at the start of your prep:

  1. Target GMAT score
  2. Target GMAT date (could be a range)
  3. Target B-schools (an initial shortlist at least – will help estimate target GMAT score)


Things you should finalize roughly 70% through your prep:

  1. Final GMAT date (book your slot)


Things you should finalize before the GMAT day:

  1. 5 B-schools you would like to apply to. You can enter these school names at the center while taking your GMAT.


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