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Master CAT

Suggested Price:  4,000

This is Test Cafe’s self-paced CAT course.
The course includes questions from all available CAT papers (1998 – 2008), and bonus lessons on various test taking aspects. Afterall, that is what CAT tests. Had CAT been a maths and English exam, they would have simply asked for your marksheets from school and college and figured that out. CAT tests your managerial aptitude. Maths and English are merely means.

These CAT papers are readily available online. We do not ask you to pay for the questions. We ask you to pay for what we have done with them. You can create your own quizzes based on any module/ difficulty/ past interaction. We then analyse your performance – over your entire prep and generate a snapshot of where you stand. This helps you understand what steps you need to take to improve.

Course fees: We ask you to pay what you want based on the value that you see this course deliver and your affordability. We wanted to create an offering that benefits everyone irrespective of their current financial standing. So, instead of us giving scholarships/ financial aid, we decided to let that responsibility lie with you. Please enter a price in the below box that you are comfortable with, and you feel is commensurate with the awesome features that we provide 🙂

Minimum price:  500

Product Description

Take your CAT like a boss!

A unique CAT offering that will enable you to master CAT, while you pay exactly what you think is fair.

We want to provide value, while remaining affordable to everyone. So, pay what you think is fair, pay what you can afford.


Still not convinced? Take our course for a test-drive.



Q. Is the course free?
A. No, the course is not free. However, instead of having a fixed price, we let you decide to pay what you want.

Q. What is “pay what you want”?
A. We were too lazy to price. We were unsure of the right price. We did not want to overcharge those who cannot afford. We wanted the price to be fair. So we decided the let users decide what they want to pay.

Q. What does the suggested price mean?
A. That is a price we know is fair and commensurate with the value that we provide. However, you could enroll in the course by paying any price over the minimum ask.

Q. Why is there a minimum price?
A. We have set the minimum price at a very low value. The basic intention is to make sure that we only enrol learners who are serious about CAT. Setting the minimum price at 0 ran us the risk of a lot of non-serious registrations. This is not linked to our costs in any way, and is lower than expenses we incur per student.

Q. Why are you doing this?
A. We are doing this because we believe this will help MAXIMISE CUSTOMER VALUE. Value is quite often associated with the price. We do not want even a single user to go away from our site disappointed that she did not get enough value. So, we thought of trying this. And of course, it sounds cool 🙂

Q. How are you able to afford it?
A. Well we are hoping that this will lead to more sign ups. And we believe that people, if left on their own, actually want to do the right thing. So, hopefully things will work out for us.

Q. Why do your 1-on-1 sessions not have a pay-what-you-want pricing?
A. Those sessions incur a very clear cost (trainers charge per hour, technology set up, support). So, to start with we have kept those prices fixed. We might experiment a pay what you want model with that offering in the future though if it seems feasible.

About the course:

Q. Is this a complete CAT solution?
A. The course consists of all available past CAT papers. You can practice those questions and let our portal analyse your performance and draw up a snapshot for you. We’ll provide you details on all test taking aspects: accuracy, speed, difficulty, stamina, concentration, silly mistakes, guess work.

The course also consists of bonus lessons on test taking, on how to:

  • Build accuracy
  • Increase speed
  • Curb silly mistakes
  • Enhance concentration
  • Remove guess work
  • Boost stamina

If we may say, these lessons are gold. And will really take your CAT prep to the next level. These lessons are based on Anish’s (our founder’s) own experience while preparing for CAT.

Q. What if I need more help?
A. We offer 1-on-1 sessions (paid), and regular live webinars (free) covering various aspects of CAT. If you do not find specifically what you are looking for, drop us a line.

Q. Do you offer a refund?
A. We offer a few modules for free so you can test drive the course. We do not offer refunds on payments. In case there is something you’d like to discuss/ bring to our attention, please feel free to contact us (we are usually pretty good with responding to messages).


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