GMAT with 150 community

GMAT within 150 days community


This is a private GMAT assisted learning study community.

This community will have 2 key attributes:

  • expert mentorship
  • like-minded, like-paced peer group


Specifically for GMAT aspirants planning their test within the next 150 days. Target GMAT date within May – July 2017.


What to expect:

  • Recommended weekly targets
  • What to prepare/ how to prepare
  • How to maintain and analyse error logs
  • How to identify and curb silly mistakes
  • How to manage guess work
  • How to build stamina
  • Periodic webinars + doubt clearing sessions
  • While you use this community as your peer group for learning, bouncing ideas, and enhancing your learning experience together.


Product Description

How to register:


  1. Complete payment process here
  2. Email the following to
    a. screenshot of invoice
    b. link to your Facebook id
  3. Send request to join at:
  4. You shall be added into the group within 24 working hours.



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