Master GMAT

GMAT Comprehensive 1-on-1

Suggested Price:  95,000

  • We start with a tailor-made study plan based on your schedule
  • Devising sessions plan with a 2-week horizon
  • Comprehensive curriculum: AWA, IR, QA and VA
    • Conceptual and test taking prep
  • 40+ contact hours – 1-on-1 personalized, online
  • 1-3 months, depending on your target GMAT date
  • Focus on your areas of improvement
  • Includes Master GMAT online course
    • all the practice that you’d need
    • in-depth analysis of each aspect of your test prep

Course fees: We ask you to pay what you want based on the value that you see this course deliver and your affordability. We wanted to create an offering that benefits everyone irrespective of their current financial standing. So, instead of us giving scholarships/ financial aid, we decided to let that responsibility lie with you. Please enter a price in the below box that you are comfortable with, and you feel is commensurate with the awesome value+features that we provide 🙂

Minimum price:  65,000

Product Description

Take your GMAT like a boss!

All that you need to master GMAT, under 1 roof.

A unique GMAT offering that will enable you to master GMAT, while you pay exactly what you think is fair.

We want to provide value, while remaining affordable to everyone. So, pay what you think is fair, pay what you can afford.


Still not convinced? You can book a class-on-demand (3-hour session), or sign-up for a free short demo.



Q. Is the course free?
A. No, the course is not free. However, instead of having a fixed price, we let you decide to pay what you want.

Q. What is “pay what you want”?
A. We were too lazy to price. We were unsure of the right price. We did not want to overcharge those who cannot afford. We wanted the price to be fair. So we decided the let users decide what they want to pay.

Q. What does the suggested price mean?
A. This is to give you an estimate of what we feel is a fair price. This is in way binding. And you may choose to pay any amount as long as it crosses the minimum price.

Q. Why is there a minimum price?
A. We have set the minimum price at a very low value. The basic intention is to make sure that we only enrol learners who are serious about GMAT. Moreover, such a 1-on-1 setup involves a very direct trainer cost. If you are aware of the industry standards, you’d know that we will not even break even at the minimum price.

Q. Then, why are you doing this?
A. We are doing this because we believe this will help MAXIMISE CUSTOMER VALUE. Value is quite often associated with the price. We do not want even a single user to go away from our site disappointed that she did not get enough value. So, we thought of trying this. And of course, it sounds cool 🙂

Q. How are you able to afford it?
A. Well we are hoping that this will lead to more sign ups. And we believe that people, if left on their own, actually want to do the right thing. So, hopefully we will get quite a few people registering with amounts closer to the suggested price. That way, those for whom affordability is an issue, still get an advantage. Of course, if we find that we are actually losing money, we will need to revisit the strategy in the future.


About the course:

Q. Is this a complete GMAT solution?
A. The course covers all the aspects of GMAT prep. The course assumes the basic level of Math and English understanding. You would need to buy a practice test series separately. We recommend the free GMATPrep software, followed by their exam collection.

Q. Do you offer a refund?
A. You can book a class-on-demand (3-hour session), or sign-up for a free short demo. Those will give you a flavour of what you are getting into. Our pricing strategy is such that we do not accommodate refunds. If you have some pressing issue, feel free to contact us.


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