Post CAT IIM selection program

Admission: IIMPossible

Suggested Price:  15,000

Got a call from any of the IIM’s for an interview? Great! Join us to ensure you sail through.
We will prepare you for your Personal interviews and Written Assessment Tests for the IIM’s.
This will be your 1 stop shop to get selected into the IIM of your choice.

And of course, for a limited time, all our offerings follow pay what you want!

Minimum price:  6,000

Product Description

The course

Written Ability Test

  • 1 in-depth concepts webinars: how to prepare, what to prepare, how to write different essays: 10 minutes v/s 30 minutes
  • 2 simulated WATs: timed. Evaluated and returned with in-depth analysis.

Build your narrative

  • Profile building – 1-on-1 sessions helping you build your MBA narrative.
  • Figure out your highlights, and how to portray them.
  • Remember, always be genuine in your interviews and forms. However, many people confuse being genuine with being modest. You still need to communicate your strengths and achievements to the other side in whatever little opportunities you get. We’ll help you do that.

Current affairs

  • to-the-point, crisp articles will be shared that will provide you with understanding of current goings on.

Mock interviews

  • 2 in-depth concepts webinars (90 minutes each)
    • Common interview themes and questions, and how to answer
    • Common student doubts regarding interviews + open Q&A session
  • 2 mock interviews
  • 25 minutes + 25 minutes feedback + comprehensive report card, each
  • Cover all possible aspects of your actual interviews

What to expect: Hand holding

What not to expect: Spoon feeding


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