Test cafe is an online portal that helps users master test taking.
Users take practice questions, the portal tracks and analyses their performance,
then the system makes tailor-made, actionable recommendations to each user.


Conceptual prep aims to maximize subject matter knowledge
Test taking is the skill that helps maximize test score for the
given level of knowledge

Test taking prep is rarely given as much importance as conceptual prep. And not surprisingly, that is where most student lack and thus end up with an unexpected sub-optimal performance.


Test makers expect it
Your competitors are doing it
Raises confidence in answers
Ensures better test scores

Typical test prep helps you up till a certain point and then your score improvement hits a plateau.


At Test Cafe, through analysis at both micro and macro levels, and tailor-made recommendations made for each user, we ensure that you eliminate the plateau and experience continuous improvement

User practices the complete range of questions for the course she is enrolled in.
Our analytics based engine evaluates user performance based on

  • Difficulty

  • Accuracy

  • Course Module

  • Speed

  • Contentration Level

  • Guess Work

Using the evaluation, the Test Cafe engine comes up with actionable recommendations for users. This reiterative process ensures continuous improvement

  • All the practice questions that you need

  • Ability to create your own quizzes

  • Access to community of test takers

  • Access to private Test Cafe Facebook group of your course




Course Correct

With your speed, accuracy and guess work as ingredients, Course Correct evaluates your performance across modules, and gives actionable recommendations to help improve in each module.

Customizable Tests

Focus on whatever you want to focus on. You can create customized tests based on modules, difficulty of questions, your past performance, and many more factors.

Cumulative Dashboard

Cumulative dashboard paints an overall picture of your performance. Afterall, if learning is continuous, why should analysis be discrete ?

Social Environment

Peer group helps maintain motivation, and enhances learning.

Anish Passi

Anish first began tutoring while pursuing Software Engineering at McMaster University, Canada. As an undergraduate TA for various math and programming courses, he was immediately drawn towards teaching. Since then, he has completed his MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, worked across investment banking, technology and real estate development while always being involved with aptitude training alongside.

Anish been an offline aptitude trainer for over 10 years now and has assisted thousands of students realize their education dreams. With Test Cafe, he has set out to use technology to enhance learning and improve outcomes for all test takers.

A serious Vipassana meditation student, whenever life permits, Anish can be found chilling in the Himalayas. He hates “tourist attractions” while travelling, loves movies, is an avid squash player, has developed a new-found-love for audiobooks, and swears that he has never had a bad pizza.