Lesson promise: I’ll give you an overview of the course. And you’d get a better idea of what you’re getting into.

Lesson duration: 14 minutes

Welcome GMAT crusher!

I am glad you are here and I can’t wait to share my test taking experience and discoveries with you.


Course format

Course hierarchy: Course / Lessons / Topics

I have divided the course into multiple lessons with each lesson further divided into topics. This way you would be able to consume the course in bite-sizes and get the most out of it.

Each topic will consist of:

  1. Topic promise
  2. Topic duration
  3. Teaching
  4. Action steps
  5. By now you should

Topic Promise: I will start each topic with a promise – what my goal is to make you achieve through the topic.

Topic Duration: I will mention the rough duration you would need to spend to complete the topic at the beginning. This way you can decide beforehand if you have enough time.

Teaching: I will teach the topic using videos/ text/ external links/ any means I feel necessary to ensure you get the most out of the sources.

Action Steps: Towards the end, each topic will consist of action steps – tasks I would recommend you to do to cement the learning from the particular topic. Action steps could be vague and open ended, or specific and objective. I would recommend you take the action steps seriously to get the most out of the course.

These could be

  • quizzes
  • checklists/ templates downloads
  • open ended questions
  • practice questions

By now you should: Each topic will end with this section. This will act as a check for you to see if you have actually gained anything from the topic. Plus, this section will help me stay accountable and on point throughout as well.

The same steps would be replicated for the complete heirarchy: each topic, lesson and course.


I have tried to keep the course content bite-sized and easy to digest. I will use a mix of

  • videos
  • text
  • images
  • template downloads
  • external links
  • check lists
  • quizzes
    – any means necessary to drive home my points.

I’ll talk to YOU, and address YOU throughout my lessons. I’ve tried to maintain a conversational manner as if we were going through this course in the same room.

Course progression

While most lessons are independent of each other, I recommend that you follow the course in the sequence that I have listed out. I know it is easy to divert when things are just 1 click away. I do it all the time too.

But remember, what I am sharing here is a way of learning – perhaps something you have never tried before. If you skip ahead, you could to get confused and be frustrated.

As you move to our first lesson, remember

GMAT is a marathon, and not a 100m dash

So, tighten your shoe laces and get ready for this rewarding journey.