Is cracking CAT difficult for an engineer?

Is cracking CAT difficult for an engineer?

Answer by Anish Passi:

Crushing CAT is difficult. Period. It requires sustained effort for an extended duration (months, usually). Even then, there is no certainty you’d ace your test on the C-day.

Just because you are an engineer does not make things easy or difficult as far as CAT is concerned. Yes, a typical engineer would have a mathematical bent of mind, which would help her with in the quant and DI/ LR sections. On the flip side, quite a few engineers find Verbal (especially RC) quite difficult.

A very high percentage of students doing well on the CAT are engineers. This leads to a correlation that engineers have an undue advantage. What we also need to look at are the

  • percentage of test takers that are engineers, and
  • percentage of engineers who did not do well on the CAT

You’d realise that more engineers clear the CAT primarily because more engineers appear for it. Also, you’d find many more engineers who did not do well, compared to those who did.

So, do not treat being an engineer either as an advantage or a distadvantage. It is merely a starting point. What you do from this point on will decide whether you crush the CAT.

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Is cracking CAT difficult for an engineer?

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  1. Shiv Shankar Shukla

    Hello Anish

    I totally agree with you about your post. Since last 3times i am giving cat but everytime, i stuck with RC and Grammer. I do quite well in quant but English sucks me everytime.

    Can you motivate me,i m hindi medium student,aiming to IIM again and again. Joined few classes but they solved it very fast and switches to other section.

    1. Profile photo of Anish Passi
      Anish Passi Post author

      Hi Shiv, sure! I work with individuals helping them with creating weekly targets, assisting them with their prep – how to prepare, what to prepare, what to practice, and how to analyze your practice. If this is something you’re looking for, drop us a line at

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