GMAT 1-on-1: GMAT Private Tutoring


  • We start with a tailor-made study plan based on your schedule
  • Devising sessions plan with a 2-week horizon
  • Comprehensive curriculum: AWA, IR, QA and VA
    • Conceptual and test taking prep
  • 40+ contact hours – 1-on-1 personalized, online
  • 1-3 months, depending on your target GMAT date
  • Focus on your areas of improvement
  • Includes Master GMAT online course
    • all the practice that you’d need
    • in-depth analysis of each aspect of your test prep
Ideal for
  • Learning fine tuned to your GMAT level
  • 1+ months before test

And of course, you Pay What YOU want! (learn more)

Class on Demand

  • You drive the sessions
  • Work on your pain points
  • You decide what you’d like to focus on
  • Pay per 3-hour personalized online session
  • No long-term commitment

Ideal for:

  • Addressing specific aspects/ weaknesses

And of course, you Pay What YOU want! (learn more)

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What students have to say

Anish sir is a great teacher. Extremely well read, with loads of experience, he makes sure his classes are never dull. I associated with him for a short period, precisely, 7 weeks before my GMAT and I was quite satisfied with the classes and my score I achieved in that time, thanks to him. I think, working smart than working hard is his motto, because his years of experience in teaching GMAT shows in his style of teaching. You just follow what he tells you, follow the pointers he gives you in his PPTs, which are really precise and to the point, and you can sail through the GMAT quite easily. 🙂

Parth Khurana

Anish sir helps you through Problem based and student centered learning. There are a lots of practical ideas that one can take unlike other verbal trainers I have encountered in past. Mixed blend of his knowledge and innovative teaching methodologies has helped me move forth in the right direction.  Powerful learning practice is such a game changer!

Mohit Jain