Q: What does Test Cafe offer?

TC: Test Cafe offers a unique way of preparing for tests. Since the aptitude tests do not test your maths and English knowledge (they could look at your school/ college scores for that), the entire approach of focussing on subject matter knowledge is flawed. Test Cafe helps users master test taking – the primary skill being tested by aptitude tests.

Q: So, is it a complete solution?

TC: It depends. If you are not comfortable with the basics of Maths and English tested on your test (area of circle, volume of sphere, etc), you would need additional help. However, if you have already crossed that basic threshold, Test Cafe offers a complete solution that will ensure that maximise your scores.

Q: I have been preparing for all my subjects and exams without an analysis tool till date, why do I need Test Cafe now?

TC: Thank you for asking that. We save your entire test taking behaviour, analyse it, and come up with meaningful actionable recommendations. This process ensures continuous progress in your test readiness. Before developing this system, I used to recommend a few of these steps to carry out offline to my students. I always found that the complexity and detailed inputs required made it very difficult for most students to manage.

Q: So, essentially you have a powerful excel sheet in the backend?

TC: Yes, we have a smart, complex and analytical excel sheet system in the backend. Well, all true except for the ‘excel sheet’ bit.

Q: Ok, I buy it. But what is this social environment about? Are you linking our account with our Facebook wall?

TC: We have brought in the social network, with a new network. Your group here would consist of people who are preparing for the same test as you. That way your interactions would be more meaningful for the learning process.

Q: Ok, the social environment will help me learn. But don’t text books already do that?

TC: Oh we are not replacing text books here. We are simply asking you not to restrict your learning to just text books. Afer all, peer-to-peer learning is as old as … well, learning itself.

Q: What courses do you currently offer?

TC: For a complete list of courses we offer please go here.

Q: My test is not listed on your site. So Test Cafe is not for me?

TC: We are constantly improving and increasing our courses. Please contact us here and tell us which test we are interested in and we’ll try to provide you a realistic timeline.

Q: Ok, all this sounds good. But what if I still haven’t made up my mind about purchasing?

TC: No worries there. We offer a free 7-days trial. In this period you may go through the platform. Test and try, make up your mind and then decide.

Q: Do you offer a money back option?

TC: We feel that 7 days free trial is a sufficient period to make up your mind regarding the value the course provides. In case you encounter any major/ weird technical glitches while using our system, please contact us and we will try to accommodate as best as we can.

Q: Will I be able to use the ‘course-correct’ feature that you talk about?

TC: The Course-Correct feature requires that you attempt a total of at least 20 questions from a module for it to give you some meaningful recommendations. If you are able to do that, then certainly, the feature would work in the same fashion.

Q: Would my work be saved if I decide to purchase the course after/ during my trial?

TC: We have usually found that students usually use the trial phase to examine the product. In doing so, they do not use the same level of dedication in answering questions as they would otherwise do. So their interactions with questions are typically not a true representation of their preparation. So, we start afresh on your making a purchase.

Q: Err ...

TC: What is it?

Q: Technically, if I wanted to, I could just use multiple accounts and take a free-trial after free-trial, couldn’t I?

TC: Well, technically you could. But your work from one login would not pass-on to the next. So, you would not really make true use of the system and you would not get meaningful, actionable recommendations. Not to mention that you would have to explain to your peers that boboreily24, rameshistheman1, and studbagel90210 are all the same person.

Q: Ok, Great, so can I start with the free trial right now?

TC: Sure. Just make sure you have the relevant book already purchased before doing so.

Q: Makes sense. And then if I like it, I can buy the course?

TC: Well technically, we sell subscription. Subscription to the TestCafe engine and social platform for a bounded period of time. And yes, you can purchase the subscription from the courses page.

Q: Hmm ... and what if as the end-date approaches I realize I need more time?

TC: The good news is: If you make a second purchase, all your account details are retained. The better news is, every successive subscription for that course would have a discount of 50% off the original course fees at that time.

Q: I think I have run out of questions for now. But what if one comes to mind later?

TC: Well simply write your question/ comment to hi@testcafe.co or fill up the contact form here.

For any other question or comment, feel free to contact us.