Does an internship/training count as work experience for CAT?

Does an internship/training count as work experience for CAT?

Answer by Anish Passi:

2 stages:

I. Can you mention it on your forms?

  • Was this a part of your academic curriculum? If so, then no. (Typically this is what we understand by ‘internship’).

If it was something you did outside of the purview of your curriculum, read on:

  • Did you pursue it full time?
  • For how long (I would not mention something I did only for a few weeks)?
  • What does “working with” mean? Were you kinda sorta helping out? If so, do not mention.
  • If you worked full time (8+ hours a day) and actually learned and contributed, you could mention it.
  • Proof: experience certificate, salary slips (first and last) and/ or whatever the admission forms specifically ask for

For all practical purposes anyone with < 12 months experience is considered a fresher. So, a couple of months’ training should not be your go-to base for all answers.

II. Can you mention it during your interviews

Even if cannot mention any experience on your forms, you are still free to mention such things during your interviews. Just because you do not have documented proof for something does not make it a lie.

If you actually learnt and/ or contributed during that time, go for it. And then be ready for questions on that subject as well. Do not mention something you feel would sound nice for the sake of it.

Does an internship/training count as work experience for CAT?

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