How to decide the right time to take your GMAT

The following graphic explains how you should decide the right time to take your GMAT:


how-to-schedule-your-gmatIf you are targeting the upcoming MBA session, the month that happens to fall at the intersection of the 2 lines, becomes the best time for you to attempt the test.

If you can afford time, just work forward and take the test when you are best prepared.

Also, notice where I place the “book appointment” marker on the first line. I have tried to explain the ideal time when you should make your GMAT slot booking.

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Anish Passi is the founder of Test Cafe. With 99th percentiles in both the GMAT (760/ 800) and CAT (99.55 percentile), Anish has a keen understanding of how aptitude tests work. He has shared his conceptual and test taking expertise with students for over a decade, and has helped them master their tests, and shape their careers.
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  1. Koda Sivaji

    Hii I’m Sivaji, currently pursuing my graduation (BBA AVIATION MANAGEMENT) 2nd year, VIZAG. I want to do my MBA abroad (Singapore) and most of the universities require work experience of minimum 2years what would be the right time for me to start for GMAT preparations ..if at all I want to go with work experience after my graduation.. and how long the GMAT score is valid..and can we take time to apply before validation period.

    1. Profile photo of Anish Passi
      Anish Passi Post author

      Hi Sivaji, GMAT score is valid for 5 years. 1+ year education + 2+ years work experience = 3-4 years. So, if you’re to follow this time line, you’d be ok with taking the GMAT anytime now. Hope this helps. All the best.

  2. Rohit Ahuja

    Hi Anish,
    Thanks for sharing incredible details here . Currently , I am working with an multinational company as Sr. Business Analyst(6+ Yrs of Exp.) and looking forward to pursue MBA program from a reputed college in India of having 1 yr program through GMAT gateway.
    Can you please assist in list of colleges and deadlines for the same where I can apply also if you can assist me in preparation of GMAT exam that will be appraciable.

    1. Profile photo of Anish Passi
      Anish Passi Post author

      My pleasure, Rohit. Here is a link that lists all Indian B-schools that accept GMAT scores:
      Some of the top few would be ISB and the executive MBA programs at the IIM’s. Deadlines change every year. For updated information, you’d be best served by visiting the respective institutes’ websites.

      For GMAT prep, please fill up this form:, It’ll help me understand your needs better. We’ll take it from there then.


  3. Ayan Mukherjee

    Hi I am preparing for GMAT for fall 2018 session for USA. I am planning to take my GMAT in first week of September. Will it be too late for the Round 1 of application? Usually the Round 1 deadline is mid-October. I might need to retake the test in case I do not perform well in the first attempt. Should I prepone the test to mid-August? Please suggest.

  4. Manish Kamble

    Hi, This is Manish, Studying in IIT Kharagpur, Will be done with my degree in APRIL 2018 with CGPA around 6.5. If I scored 650+ in GMAT and 6.5 in IELTS do I stand a chance to get into any MBA school in Singapore. I have 10 NCFMCirtifications, passed FRM PART 1, have done some courses in finance, 90% in 10th, 85% in 12th.

  5. Manish Kamble

    Hi, this is Manish, studying in IIT Kharagpur, will be done with my degree in April 2018 with CGPA around 6.5. I want to pursue my MBA in Singapore. suppose I scored 650+ in GMAT and 6.5 in IELTS what are the odds that I will get a decent MBA school in Singapore. I have cleared FRM PART 1, have 10 NCFM(National stock exchange certifications for financial markets) and have done some courses in finance. 90% in 10th and 85% in 12th. if I stand any chance in any university, please do mention them, thank you.

  6. Profile photo of Anish Passi
    Anish Passi Post author

    Sorry Manish, not an expert in decoding profile + GMAT score into possibility of admission schools. For one, we do not have any information that would not already be readily available – such as average GMAT scores. Secondly, there is more to admissions that an academic and a career snapshot. Your career path, where an MBA fits in – a 3D portrayal of your past, present and future. GMAT is just 1 component of your admission applications.

    Have you taken the GMAT yet? How did you reach the 650 number? All else equal, a person with a 700+ GMAT score would have an advantage over a person with a 650.

  7. raman

    I am residing in India with 12 years of work ex in automobile design. I would like to give GMAT this year (In December 2017). 1. Would it be a good option for career? 2. Is giving GMAT in December ok?

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