5 Reasons Why CAT Prep Is Better Online

While you may have decided to take the CAT, you may still be pondering over your mode of studying. Well, here is a list of a few reasons that would help you make that decision.

1.Convenient: CAT prep is time intensive. When you first decide to take the exam your ongoing daily schedule will definitely get rattled. With all that you are currently engaged in and the hours you need for prep work, you do not want another cumbersome task of commuting to class to be added on. Online programmes provide you the convenience and flexibility to be at ease where both location and time for study are concerned. You can make your own timetable and study in the ease of your surroundings. Oh, and you don’t need to worry about teachers being absent or late.

2.You-focused: You can focus on what you want to learn. For example, if you feel you would first like to take up the Quant section, you can do so as all programmes are customized. Within the section too you can see if there are topics such as probability or word problems that you may want to give time to first, you can easily do so. You can work with your tutor on a schedule that is suitable and strategies that would work best specific to your case.

3. Interactive: For those of you who feel that group study works better, the good online platforms provide you with the facility to discuss with fellow users and interact with your tutor.

4. Environment: This refers to the test taking environment of CAT — a computer based test. One has to get well acquainted with reading from the computer screen and jotting down pointers. Also taking practice tests in the actual CAT format helps in preparing you better.

5.Technology enabled analysis: Technology has made us capable enough to do a deep dive analysis on each individual component of your test prep. Technology can help not only analyse the performance but also come up with recommendations specific and relevant to each user.

There hasn’t been a better time to prepare for aptitude tests online. Technology has not just caught up, but rather left offline prep behind, and users can now benefit from technology to prep hard and prep smart.

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Anish Passi

Anish Passi is the founder of Test Cafe. With 99th percentiles in both the GMAT (760/ 800) and CAT (99.55 percentile), Anish has a keen understanding of how aptitude tests work. He has shared his conceptual and test taking expertise with students for over a decade, and has helped them master their tests, and shape their careers.
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